Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Wilmington East Rotary Grant Recipients:

 Guardian ad Litem, Team First Book,  Step Up Wilmington, Brigade Boys & Girls Club,  Pender Adult Services, The Thalian Assoc. and The Domestic Violence Shelter.


Market St. Trash Pickers

One of our responsibilities as Rotarians from the Wilmington East Club is to police a two mile portion of Market St., a heavily travelled major thoroughfare in Wilmington, NC. We solicit volunteers 2-3 times annually to pick up trash generally on a Saturday morning. This program supports the NCDOT’s effort to keep our highways and byways free of litter. Shown above are Rotarians Jerry Flake, a friend of Rotarian Ron Copley, Carl Fisher, Ron Copley, Julian Burnett and Ed Mahoney after completing their tasks on Saturday, April 17th, 2010.

$5000+ to Habitat for Humanity

A check in access of $5000 was presented to Habitat for Humanity at Wilmington East Rotary annual Christmas party at Porter’s Neck CC on Tuesday, December 15th. Jon Kapell, Board Member for Habitat was in attendance and accepted the check. Wilmington East Rotary has supported Habitat for Humanity for the past several years through its annual charity golf tournament. 

Rotary Gives $1000 to the Salvation Army and Good Shepherd Center

On Monday 16 November, the Wilmington East Rotary Club presented a $1000 check to both the Salvation Army and Good Shepherd Center.

Moldova Medical Book Project:

Over 20,000 current medical books and journals have been sent to the Scientific Medical Library  in Moldova in eastern Europe.  This donation has improved the health of the Moldova citizens by providing current authoritative medical information.  Moldova is the poorest country in eastern Europe, and is in dire need of help.  The Wilmington East Rotary  gave 300 English language dictionaries to send to the library. Donna Flake and Diane Darrow of the SEAHEC Medical Library in Wilmington coordinate the project.  Over the last four years they have traveled to the Moldovan medical library three times to provide training and consultation with doctors and medical librarians.

The project also provides the Moldovan medical library with current medical information through databases, and also medical journal articles upon request.  

 This is an ongoing project which is supported by the Wilmington East Rotary

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